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Hot Sauce : the Bonnie Sauce Co : FULL COLLECTION


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Hot Sauce : the Bonnie Sauce Co : FULL COLLECTION

Contains all 4 bottles

4 x Bottle size : 250ml

Hot Sauce: the Bonnie Sauce Co : Jalapeno and Lime / Heat level 2

Whilst this sauce’s soft spice is a staple in our burritos, its vibrancy is versatile. Just as the lime’s zesty flavors fuse fluidly to the jalapeno’s peppery notes, this sauce can also mix masterfully with a multitude of others.

Try adding it to mayo, tartar sauce or whisk it up into a vinaigrette to give your salad a quirky kick.

Whether you’re mixing or marinating, dipping or dressing, our Jalapeno and Lime sauce’s subtle spice is diversely applied and delicately appreciated.

Hot Sauce : the Bonnie Sauce Co : Mango and Habanero / Heat level 4

An unlikely couple to tie the knot: the mango’s tropical taste ties to the tingling tones of the hot habanero.

The mango’s sweetness rivals the habanero’s heat making this sauce a true paradox, its flavour forever flailing between sweet and spicy but together creating an equatorial paradise in your mouth.

Sweet and heat – this rhyme combines these words almost as smoothly as our sauce combines the flavours.

Hot Sauce : the Bonnie Sauce Co : Smoky Chipotle / Heat level 5

Unlike our other sauces, the Smokey Chipotle’s creamy complexion creates a culinary courting of hot taste and smooth texture.

A chipotle is a smoked jalapeño and the smokiness of this sauce soaks into the spicy and vibrant flavour.

This sauce is dubbed the outsider, but we like to think of it more as a lone wolf which can strong alone but also integral to Bonnie rewritings of classic recipes: mac and cheese, cottage pie, prawn cocktail, or as a burger sauce.

Hot Sauce : the Bonnie Sauce Co : Fiery Scotch Bonnet / Heat level 8

How can I compare thee to a Scotch Bonnet? Though art less spicy and more temperate.

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, whilst the Scotch Bonnet rips them from their roots. — Hot enough to bring Shakespeare back from the dead in order to make some slight changes to his classic, the Fiery Scotch Bonnet achieves the impossible.

It is both extremely hot whilst maintaining its subtlety of flavour.

the Bonnie Sauce Co 

All Natural Ingredients.

Vegan and Vegetarian friendly.

No Artificial Colouring, Flavourings or Preservatives.

Nut and Gluten Free.

Made in a Factory Which Handles Celery, Mustard, Dairy, Sulphites and Egg.

4 x Bottle size : 250ml

Made in Scotland

Just like the beauty of Scotland, where Bonnie Sauce was born, we’ve created hot sauces that are completely natural yet vibrant.
They’re extremely versatile and most importantly of all, they taste amazing.



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