Seed Germination Coconut Grow Disks nutrient-rich substrate : Pack of 10 Disks


Seed Germination Coconut Grow Disks nutrient-rich substrate: Pack of 10 Disks

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Seed Germination Coconut Grow Disks nutrient-rich substrate. 

this is a Pack of 10 disks.

This is a pretty good way to start seeds without soil, once germinated you just plonk the whole disk in a pot with soil without disturbing the seedling.

Completly organic coconut husks.

It contains potassium, phosphate, nitrogen, and magnesium for the successful growth of seeds.

to use :

Place disk in a bowl with half a cup of water, the disk will absorb the water and swell up, place seed in the hole at the top, then follow instructions below :


For seed germination, the main thing is warmth and dampness (but not soaking wet) the seeds like to be around 80-85 °F for germination, do not allow them to dry out!

Place in a dark warm place on a heat mat or on top of the fridge, a warm cupboard, or near a heater.

I found recycled food containers with any potting compost, covered with a recycled plastic bag (to keep moisture in), you should have germination in 6 – 20 days depending on conditions.

After the seeds sprout, place in a pot with compost on a south or east-facing window, don’t over or under water.

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