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Worm Hummus Castings Natural nitrogen fertilizer 0.25kg


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Worm Hummus Castings Natural nitrogen fertilizer 0.25kg

this stuff is absolutely the best fertilizer!, mix it with your growing medium, sprinkle on the topsoil, you can even mix it with water and make a tea for watering the plants, great for sprouting seedlings or adult plants, you can not go wrong.

Natural nitrogen fertilizer, particularly suitable for the growth phase.

What is worm humus?
Worm humus, also called worm droppings or worm manure, is the end product of the decomposition of organic matter excreted by the king of the soil, the earthworm. This high-quality organic compost is made from 100% pure, organic worm droppings that have been carefully tested in the laboratory to ensure that there is no farm waste, landfill waste or other compost. Our worm humus, which is provided with water-soluble nutrients and bacteria, is an extremely nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and an excellent, universal soil improver.

Worm-Humus is ideal for freshening up All-Mix. You can add it to already used substrate mixtures or use it to prepare the garden substrate. The ideal mixture contains 10-15% Worm Humus and 85-90% All-Mix.

Reliable quality
The earthworms that produce the 100% organic humus are fed a strictly controlled diet made from mineral-rich rock and the peel of organically grown potatoes. The highest quality worm humus on the market consists of the combination of the fertilizer produced by the earthworm with natural soil microbes.


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